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Our enterprise features are built with businesses in mind. We include all of the tools you need to keep your meetings and presentations on track, informative, and interactive.

Run more interactive and organized meetings with powerful features for live polling, quizzes, Q&As, and surveys–all at your fingertips.

The process is 100% paperless and you can simply upload the questions and let Brand It Live Polling do the rest.

Create, present, and engage with trivia, quizzes, and polls customized to your brand. From world-class security to advanced analytics and data to all of our other exciting features, Brand It Live Polling helps you move your organization forward.

Pick a poll type that works best for you, including multiple-choice, open-ended, word-cloud or survey options.

Find out what your audience thinks and let them vote from their computer, smartphone, or mobile device.

How it Works

Simply fill out a questionnaire on what type of polling you're interested in doing.

One of our talented Brand It Live Polling representatives will reach out to you within 24 hours.

We can make your Poll live in as a little as 24 hours. Then the magic begins.

Give a couple of minutes for our algorithms to do some magic and you get instant real-time feedback.

“All the features you need and none you don’t. The simplicity of the tool, will help you become more productive and attain greater customer satisfaction” 

David G Smith
President/CEO - Brand It Live, LLC

Our President/CEO was doing research as a young Executive when records were kept on index cards. 

Experience matters.

We've been working with Major Radio stations for years.

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